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Muy buena serie

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Alexander Main, Director of International Policy Alexander Main, Senior Associate, International PolicyAlexander Main is Director of International Policy at the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington, DC. In his work at CEPR, Alex monitors economic and political developments in Latin America and the Caribbean and regularly engages with policy makers and civil society groups from around the region. His areas of expertise include Latin American integration and regionalism, US security and counternarcotics policy in Central America, US development assistance to Haiti, and US relations with Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Honduras and Venezuela. He is regularly interviewed by national and international media and his analyses have been published in a variety of outlets including The New York Times, Foreign Policy, the Los Angeles Times, The Hill, NACLA, Dissent, Pagina/12, and the Monde diplomatique. Prior to CEPR, Alex spent more than six years in South America working as a foreign policy analyst and an international cooperation consultant. He holds degrees in history and political science from the Sorbonne University in Paris, France and is fluent in Spanish and French. Contact Email: [email protected] Tel. 202-293-5380 x123 El que maneja la parte de pol├ştica internacional escribe para pagina 12...

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y dale con Pagina 12...pura basura

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El gran economista Nac & Pop Agust├şn DAttellis entre los elegidos....

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[link]https://twitter.com/EODomecq/status/1175799922328854528?s=19[/link][anchor_text]La Verdad de la Milanesa[/anchor_text]

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Todav├şa Sirve! Todav├şa Sirve!

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Organizar el Tour debe ser mucho mas costoso que el torneo de Fortnite

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Encima de bostero, kakarulo que lee pagina 12...

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Hades736 escribi├│:
juansoldado escribi├│: Despues les toca a ustedes, prepara el traje a rayas.TIC TAC TIC TAC
a lo aceptas entonces, bien ahiuna traidora hija de puta menos, aunque mereciera paredon o por lo menos un RAID.
Con tal de que metan presos a esos mierdas me banco 1000% de inflaci├│n