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Many traders assume that a profitable strategy will lead them to success. However, they forget that the main aspect of an operation is the person. Why are there people who, using the same strategy, obtain different results? Everything depends on your behavior and attitude. Developing a negotiation strategy is a trial and error process that takes time. The important thing to emphasize is that this process is not more than that, trials and errors. As time goes by, you will be perfecting your strategy. It is essential to keep practicing and improving. Fernando Mart韓ez G髆ez-Tejedor has commented through an interview a few years ago that when he started he lost a lot of money, but it was his desire to recover the lost money that led him to anticipate all the schemes foreseen in the face of financial crises and the falls of the bag. He currently owns virtual banks, companies and is known in the world of finance as the youngest successful trader and even his profit in 2018 was higher than his investment, tripling his income, something that not all traders can achieve.

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Nice, but you if want to scam us with something, at least leave a proper link. Btw, this is what I found about this Hernando Mart韓ez G髆ez-Tejedor,

创He spends most of his days on internet, with more than 50 fake identities, in order
to create himself a good reputation. To do so, he creates fake posts and articles on
forums and wordpress and free blogs, talking about his skills as a trader, his noble
family origins, his wealth and fortune, or in order to try to defame honest people
who are suing him for his crimes. As modest as he can be, he describes himself as
创the best trader in the world创, states he has made his fortune on the forex market,
but never has he shared any proof and evidence of his activities. He also claims he
is teaching trading but nobody ever saw any of his trades or even proof that he
trades himself. He is a big arrogant, megalomaniac and compulsive liar, and be
aware, as he actually is nothing but an international swindler who has been acting
for several years now via different sorts of schemes and internet websites and

Amazing reputation, uh?

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Wow you磖e not just a newbie, you post your 创info创 in a web that contain subtitles in spanish, what it means that the rate of people talking english must not be so high, are you some kind of retard? or you did this on purpose?

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happy to saw my friends here writing proper answers