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2004 976 evil 1988 99 francs 2007 99 homes [2007] a beautiful mind a better life 2011 a bit of fry and laurie s01e06 a child is waiting 1963 a christmas carol a clockwork orange a fine step 2014 a gunfight a little bit of heaven a long way down 2014 a million ways to die in the west 2014 a most violent year a most wanted man 2014 a nightmare on elm street 2010 a piece of the action a sky full of stars for a roof 1968 a taste of honey 1961 a toute vitesse 1996 a walk among the tombstones a woman under the influence 1974 a.dangerous.man.2009 a.l.aveugle.2012 abandoned about a boy 2002 about alex 2014 about time abroad absolute deception 2013 absolutely fabulous s03e01 accidental love accidental love 2015 according to jim s04e01 according to jim s04e04 actividad paranormal activity advent adventure time advocate affair s02e09 after midnight afterglow agatha christie poirot agent carter s01e01 agent x agent x s01e04 agent x s01e05 agent.x.s01e03 agent.x.s01e05 agents agents of s h agents of s.h..i.e.l.d. agents of s.h.i.e.l.d s01e21 agents of s.h.i.e.l.d s02e09 agents of s.h.i.e.l.d s02e17 agents of s.h.i.e.l.d s03e01 agents of s.h.i.e.l.d s03e07 agents of s.h.i.e.l.d. agents of s.h.i.e.l.d. s01e18 agents of s.h.i.e.l.d. s03e06 agents of s.h.i.e.l.d. s03e07 agents of s.h.i.e.l.d. s03e08 agnes agora agostino dippona 1972 agua air 2015 airplane vs volcano airport akira 1988 aladdin and the death lamp 2012 albuquerque 1948 alexander 2004 alexander and the alfred hitchcock presents s02e30 alfred hitchcock presents s04e07 a man with a problem alias s05e12 alice in wonderland alice in wonderland 2010 alien 1979 alien 3 alien abduction alien: resurrection 1997 aliens all hallows eve 2013 all my sons 1948 all quiet on the western front all.quiet.on.the.western.front allegiance alligator aloha aloha 2015 altar always sunny in philadelphia s02e04 am zin 1999 aka running out of time amator 1979 amazing race amazing race s21e02 amazing race s27e04 ame agaru amelia amelie american dad american dad s04e09 american dad s04e07 american dad s11e11 american dad s11e14 american dad s11e15 american dad! s08e01 american gangster american history x 1998 american horror american horror story s01e11 american horror story american horror story s02e13 american horror story s03e01 american horror story s03e02 american horror story s03e12 go to hell american horror story s03e13 american horror story s04e06 american horror story s04e08 american horror story s04e11 american horror story s04e12 american horror story s05e07 american pie american pie 2 american sniper american ultra american ultra 2015 american.horror.story.s03e08 american.horror.story.s03e09 american.horror.story.s03e10 american.horror.story.s03e11 american.horror.story.s03e12 american.horror.story.s03e13 american.horror.story.s04e01 american.horror.story.s04e02 american.horror.story.s04e03 american.horror.story.s04e04 american.horror.story.s04e05 american.horror.story.s04e06 american.horror.story.s04e07 american.horror.story.s04e08 american.horror.story.s04e09 american.horror.story.s04e10 american.horror.story.s04e11 american.horror.story.s04e12 american.horror.story.s04e13 american.horror.story.s05e01 american.horror.story.s05e02 american.horror.story.s05e03 american.horror.story.s05e04 american.horror.story.s05e05 american.horror.story.s05e07 american.horror.story.s05e07. american.sniper. american.ultra. amour amy 2015 an.american.werewolf.in.london anacondas: the hunt for the blood orchid 2004 anarchy parlor 2015 anastacia anastasia 1956 anatomy s10e08 anchorman the legend of ron burgundy anchorman the legend of ron burgundy 2004 anchorman.2. and justice for all andreas angel angel s01e12 angel s01e13 angel s01e14 angela angelby s01e09 2015 anger management s02e17 anger management s02e80 annie annie hall anonyma, eine frau in berlin another world ant man ant man 2015 antarctica a year on ice 2013 antman antman 2015 antman.2015 apocalypse apocalypse now apocalypse now. apocalypto apollo 13 1995 aquarius s01e02 aquarius s01e04 archer s03e06 ardennes fury armageddon arn: riket vid vägens slut 2008 aka arn: the kingdom at the end of the road around the world in 80 days arrested development arrested development s01e07 arrow arrow .s02e13 arrow s01e15 arrow s01e21 arrow s02e02 arrow s02e10 arrow s03e10 arrow s03e23 arrow s04e02 arrow s04e05 arrow s04e06 arrow s04e07 arrow.s01e07 arrow.s01e23 arrow.s04e03 arrow.s04e05 arrow.s04e07 art of fighting artificial intelligence: ai 2001 arvingerne s01e0110 as above so below 2014 as.cool.as.i.am.2013 ascent of man ash vs ash vs evil dead ash vs evil dead s01e02 ash vs evil dead s01e03 ash vs evil dead s01e04 ash vs evil dead s01e05 ash.vs.evil.dead asia assassin assassination classroom assassination classroom ansatsu kyoushitsu ova 1 2013 assassination games asterix and obelix: mission cleopatra 2002 asterix et obelix asterix le domaine des dieux 2014 astronaut wives club s01e06 atlantis milo atlas shrugged: part i 2011 attack of the clones attack on titan attack on titan 2015 au service de sa majeste auberge espagnole august rush aurora austenland avatar the legend of korra s02e05 avatar, the last airbender s03e08 avatar.2009. avenged sevenfold avengers avengers age of ultron avengers age of ultron avengers age of ultron 2015 avengers assemble s01e16 avengers: age of ultron avengers: age of ultron 2015 awake awake 2007 awaken awkward s01e03 awkward s01e04 awkward s01e05 awkward.s04e16 awkward.s05e11 axis of evil axxo aziz ansari buried alive babel 2006 babylon .a.d. babylon 5 s01e13 signs and portents back to the future back to the future 1985 back to the future part ii back to the future part iii back.to the future 1985 bad boy bubby bad boys ii bad grandpa badlands bagdad cafe bajrangi bhaijaan 2015 ballers. balls out bambole bananas band of brothers band of brothers 03 banshee banshee s02e10 banshee s02e01 banshee s03e03 banshee s03e04 baramnan gajok 2003 aka a good lawyers wife bates motel bates motel s03e01 bates motel s03e04 batman begins 2005 batman beyond return of the joker batman beyond s01 completa batman returns batman the brave and the bold batman under the.red hood batman year one 2011 batman.vs.robin. batman.year.one batman: gotham knight s02e11 battle for battle beyond the stars 1980 battle.los.angeles.2011 battle.of.britain battleground 1949 battles without honor and humanity 1973 battleship battlestar.galactica baywatch s01e01 bbc planet dinosaur s01e02 feathered dragons 2011 bbc: the human body e01 beach red 1967 beast wars: transformers s01e09 beats beau travail beauty and the beast 2012 s01e09 beauty and the beast 2012 s01e18 beavis and butt head s01e04 beavis and butthead do america 1996 before sunrise 1995 before we go begin again 2013 beginners. behind enemy lines being erica s01e12 being erica s02e04 being john malkovich bel ami 2012 ben e. king stand by me berkshire berserk best friend best of enemies better call saul better call saul s01e06 better call 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trauma boardwalk empire boardwalk empire s02 boardwalk empire s02e08 boardwalk empire s02e09 boccaccio 70 body of proof bojack horseman bom povo bon jovi everyday bones bones s01e22 bones s05e22 bones s10e21 bones s11e01 bones s11e04 bones. boogeyman 2005 borgen s01e01 2010 borgia faith and fear s02e09 borgias s01e08 born to dance 1936 boss.s01e08 bottom feeder 2006 bound bound 1996 bound to vengeance bounty hunter bowfinger 1999 boy.7.2015. boychoir.2014 boyz n the hood braindead 1992 brand brannigan 1975 brave brave 2012 break s02e20 breaking bad s05 breaking bad breaking bad s04e05 breaking bad s01e02 breaking bad s01e04 breaking bad s01e05 breaking bad s01e06 breaking bad s01e07 breaking bad s02 breaking bad s02e05 breaking bad s02e09 breaking bad s02e10 breaking bad s02e12 breaking bad s03 breaking bad s03e01 breaking bad s03e02 breaking bad s03e03 breaking bad s03e09 breaking bad s03e11 breaking bad s04e01 breaking bad s04e02 breaking bad s04e06 breaking bad s04e08 breaking bad 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californication californication s06e04 californication s06e06 californication s07e09 caligula camelot.s01e08 camp x ray canadian bacon cannonball run caprica s01e00 captain america captain america the winter soldier 2014 captain america the winter.soldier captain america: the winter soldier 2014 captain phillips captain.america.the.winter.soldier.2014 careful what you wish for carlito's way 1993 carnage carnivale s01e08 cars cartel casablanca cashback casino 1995 casino royale castle castle s03e14 castle s04e23 castle s08e08 castle. castle.s01e10 castle.s06e07 castle.s07e14 casualties of war casualties of war 1989 catacombs 2008 catastrophe catastrophe s01e01 catene 1949 catfish catfish 2010 catwoman 2004 cbgb centurion cesare deve morire 2012 chaos chappie chappie.2015 charlie chan in the chinese cat charmed s03e18 charmed s06e20 chasing ghosts 2005 chasing ice cheers s02e0111 cherrybomb 2009 chicago chicago 2002 chicago fire chicago fire s02e04 chicago fire s03e04 chicago fire s03e21 chicago fire s04e07 chicago med chicago med s01e02 chicago pd chicago pd s02e09 chicago pd s02e16 child 44 child of god.2013 children of the corn children of the corn 1984 chimneys chinese puzzle 2013 chloe choose christmas special chuck chuck s03e01 chuck s03e02 chuck s03e03 chuck s03e04 chuck s03e05 chuck s03e06 chuck s03e07 chuck s03e08 chuck s03e09 chuck s03e10 chuck s03e11 chuck s03e12 chuck s03e13 chuck s03e14 chuck s03e15 chuck s03e16 chuck s03e17 chuck s03e18 chuck s03e19 chuck s04e01 chuck s04e02 chuck s04e03 chuck s04e04 chuck s04e05 chuck s04e06 chuck s04e07 chuck s04e08 chuck s04e09 chuck s04e10 chuck s04e11 chuck s04e12 chuck s04e13 chuck s04e14 chuck s04e15 chuck s04e16 chuck s04e17 chuck s04e18 chuck s04e19 chuck s04e20 chuck s04e21 chuck s04e22 chuck s04e23 chuck s04e24 cidade dos homens cinderella circle circle 2015 citizenfour city of angels 1998 civil wars clannad: after story click clone wars s03 clone wars volume 1 clone wars volume 2 close range closer 2004 closer to the moon clown clubbed.2008 coach.carter.2005. cobra coco 2009 code black coffee coffy 1973 cold cold case s01e18 cold case s02e10 coldwater 2013 colt 45 1950 columbo s08e02 comedy central roast comedy central roast of donald trump 2011 comet 2014 community s01e14 community s02e07 community s03 community s04 compliance.2012.720p condemned constantine 2005 contact contact 1997 conte de printemps 1990 continuum continuum s02e07 continuum s01e01 continuum s01e02 continuum s01e07 continuum s02e13 continuum s04e04 contraband contraband[2012 contracted coogan's bluff cop.car copenhagen copie conforme cops 1922 coriolanus corridors of blood cosmos a space time odyssey s01e07 counting down the days coupling coupling s03e04 courage under fire 1996 covert affairs s02e15 covert affairs s02e16 cowboys aliens 2011 crank.high.voltage. crash 1996 crazy stupid love 2011 creed creep creep.2014. creepshow crime crimen y castigo criminal activities criminal activities 2015 criminal minds s01e07 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dark 2015 desert heat desperate housewives s04e05 detachment devorador dexter s01e02 dial m for murder die hard difret dirty dancing dirty wars [2013] divergent 2014 do you believe? dobranocka 1997 doctor who doctor who s02e01 doctor who s09e10 doctor who s09e11 donnie darko dope downton abbey downton abbey s04 christmas special downton abbey s05e02 downton abbey s05e07 downton abbey s06e04 downton abbey s06e05 downton abbey s06e07 dragon ball dragon ball super dragon ball z resurrection f dressed to kill early cuts eastbound & down s04e01 eat pray love edge elah elementary elementary s04e03 elementary s04e04 elysion empire 2015 s02e08 empire 2015 s02e09 employee of the month end of days endless love enlisted enter the dragon entourage er emergencias er emergencias s09e22 escobar paradise lost 2014 escobar: paradise lost etait evangelion evangelion 3.33 everest everest 2015 everything is illuminated. exiled 2007 extant falling skies s05e04 falling skies s05e05 family guy family guy s04e04 family guy s10e12 family guy s14e01 fantastic four fantastic four 2015 fantastic mr fox fantastic mr. fox far from the madding crowd 1967 far.from.the.madding.crowd fargo fargo s01e09 fargo s01e10 fargo s02e07 fargo.s02e03 farscape the peacekeeper wars fast fatherland fear and desire 1953 fear the walking dead fifty shades of grey finding fela fire down below fire walk with me flesh and flesh and bone flesh and bone s01e08 flight 2012 footloose[2011 forever and ever / fountainhead freddy got fingered fresh off the boat s02e08 friday night lights friday the 13th friday the 13th part friends friends s03e17 friends s09e23 24 friends.s08e11 frikjent s01e03 fringe s04e01 fringe s03e07 fringe s04e01 frozen fullmetal alchemist brotherhood furious 7 2015 fury g.i jane game of thrones game of thrones s02e04 game of thrones s03e03 game of thrones s03e04 game of thrones s04e03. game of thrones s04e04 game of thrones s05e01 game of thrones s05e02 game of thrones s05e05 game of thrones s05e08 game.of.thrones,s05e06 gamer ghost in the shell gilda 1946 girls s03e12 glee s01e18 glee s02e17 gods.not.dead.2014 gomorra gone girl good people good wife good wife s07e08 goodnight mommy gosford park 2001 gossip girl gossip girl s03e08 gotham gotham knight s02e11 gotham s01e01 gotham s01e11 gotham s02e01 gotham s02e02 gotham s02e03 gotham s02e04 gotham s02e05 gotham s02e06 gotham s02e07 gotham s02e08 gotham s02e09 gotham s02e10 grandfathered gravity greed green.lantern.emerald.knights. green.lantern.first.flight grey's anatomy grey's anatomy s06e07 grey's anatomy s08e11 grey's anatomy s12e06 grimm grimm s03e01 grimm s05e04 grimm.s05e02 grudge match.2013 guardians of the galaxy guardians of the galaxy origins s01e04 gye baek 2011 s01c13 half baked hall pass 2011 halo the fall of reach halo the fall of reach 2015 halo wars halo: the fall of reach halt and catch fire halt and catch fire s01e01 hangar 10 2014 hannibal hannibal 2001 hannibal s01e08 hannibal s02e12 hannibal s03e02 hannibal s03e05 harold harry potter and the deathly hallows harry potter and the half blood prince harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban hausu 1977 haven haven s04e13 haven s05e14 haven s05e16 haven s05e22 heaven is for real heavy traffic hector and the search for happiness hell on wheels s01e06 hellraiser revelations 2011 hellsing ultimate heroes heroes reborn heroes reborn s01e07 heroes reborn s01e08 heroes reborn s01e09 heroes reborn s01e10 heroes s01e25 hibernatus hidden hidden 2015 high school musical 2006 hitler hitlers hitman hitman agent 47 hitman: agent 47 2015 home home alone homeland homeland s03e07 homeland s04e07 homeland s05e01 homeland s05e03 homeland s05e05 homeland s05e06 homeland s05e07 homeland s05e09 homeland.s05e09 honour hooligans.2005 horrible bosses 2 horse feathers 1932 hostel 3 hostel iii hostel: part ii 2007 hot girls wanted hot pursuit 2015 hotel transylvania hotel transylvania 2 hotel transylvania 2 2015 house house m.d. house m.d. s01e13 house m.d. s01e15 house m.d. s03e06 house m.d. s05e17 house of cards house of cards 2013 house of cards 2013 s01e01 house of cards s01e01 house of cards s02e02 house of cards s03e05 house of cards s03e09 how i met your mother s01e01 how i met your mother how i met your mother s01 how i met your mother s02e14 how i met your mother s05e11 how i met your mother s05e12 how i met your mother s05e13 how i met your mother s05e20 how i met your mother s09 how to get away with murder s02e02 how to get away with murder s02e07 how to get away with murder s02e08 how to get away with murder s02e09 how.to.get.away.with.murder.s01e14e15 howl hum dil de chuke sanam human hummingbird hunger hwanghae i tried 2007 i want a dog for christmas, charlie brown ich seh ich seh 2014 aka goodnight mommy identity ikiru.1952 il gioiellino 2011 impractical.jokers in treatment s01e25 incendies 2010 inception infini 2015 infinitely polar bear 2014 inside out insidious chapter 2 inspector morse inspector.george gently.s07e03 instinct to kill insurgent insurgent 2015 insurgente 2015 interstellar interstellar.2014 interstellar.2014. into the badlands into the badlands s01e01 into the badlands s01e03 into the woods into.the.badlands.s01e03 iron man 2008 it's all gone pete tong 2004 it's always sunny in philadelphia s01e03 izombie izombie s02e03 jack frost 1998 jane.the.virgin.s02e02 jekyll and jekyll and hyde jessica jones jessica jones s01e01 jessica jones s01e02 jessica jones s01e04 jessica jones s01e05 jessica jones s01e06 jessica jones s01e07 jessica jones s01e08 jessica jones s01e09 jessica jones s01e10 jessica jones s01e11 jessica jones s01e12 jessica jones s01e13 jessica.jones.s01e04 jessica.jones.s01e05 jodhaa akbar joe 2013 joe 2014 john wick 2014 ju on the juno juno 2007 jupiter ascending jurassic world jurassic world 2015 jurassic.world.2015 justice league justice league: the flashpoint paradox katy perry last friday night kaze no tani kenshin kill your darlings king of the khyber rifles kingdom kingdom 2014 kingsman: the secret service 2014 kinsey knick s02e07 knock knock knock kurt cobain montage of heck 2015 la cuisine au beurre la famille bélier 2014 la loi du marche la luna 1979 la vida es bella last knights last man standing last vegas last week tonight with john oliver law & order svu law & order svu s15e01 02 le dernier des injustes le dernier des injustes 2013 leftovers s02e09 legend legends les aventures de rabbi jacob les miserables lie to me lie to me s02e07 life of pi lila & eve 2015 limitless limitless s01e05 limitless s01e06 limitless s01e10 lines s03e03 little little miss sunshine lock up lock up 1989 london spy looper los juegos del hambre lost lost s01e02 lost s01e05 lost s03e15 lost s03e18 love love 2015 love and mercy lovely molly 2011 lucy lucy 2014 luther luther s01e03 mad max mad max 2 mad max fury road 2015 mad max: fury road mad men s04e02 mad men s04e13 mad men s05e03 mad men s07e06 madam secretary magic, mike magic.mike man down s01e08 man with nine lives mandela long walk to freedom [2013] manhattan.s01e03 manny married ... with children s04e01 marvel's jessica jones marvel's jessica jones s01e01 marvel's jessica jones s01e02 marvel's jessica jones s01e03 marvel's jessica jones s01e08 marvel's jessica jones s01e09 marvel's jessica jones s01e11 mash 1970 masters of sex s02e08 max payne maze runner maze runner the scorch trials maze runner: the scorch trials mean streets 1973 meat loaf to hell and back 2000 melt 1993 men in trees s01e08 mercenary.absolution.2015 mes de agosto metal.evolution.s01e05 metal.evolution.s01e06 metal.evolution.s01e07 metal.evolution.s01e08 metal.evolution.s01e09 metal.evolution.s01e10 metal.evolution.s01e11 metropolis midsomer murders s15e02 minions minority report misery misfits s05e08 mission, impossible rogue nation 2015 mission: impossible rogue mission: impossible rogue nation mississippi grind modern family modern family s04e02 modern family s06e15 modern family season 5 mom s03e04 mommy monkey kingdom monsieur klein monster monster 2004 montana 2014 mortal kombat morty motive mr holmes mr robot mr robot s01e08 mr selfridge s03e04 mr. holland's opus mr. robot mr. robot s01e01 mr. robot s01e03 mr. robot s01e04 mr. selfridge s01e10 murdoch mysteries s04e10 my girl narayama bushiko 1958 narcos narcos s01e01 narcos s01e04 narnia nathan for you s01e07 national lampoon's vacation national security ncis ncis los angeles necromentia necronomicon: book of dead negocio never back down new girl new girl s01e24 night of the living dead nikita nine dead nip tuck no country for old men no escape no way jose 2015 no way out nora inu 1949 now you see me 2013 nymphomaniac nymphomaniac vol i 2013 o negocio s02e01 o pai, o oblivion 2013 okkupert oldboy on an island with you 1948 on the job on titan once upon a time once upon a time s02e08 once upon a time in america once upon a time in wonderland s01e01 once upon a time s02e10 once upon a time s02e11 once upon a time s04e10 once upon a time s04e11 once upon a time s04e14 once upon a time s04e15 once upon a time s04e16 once upon a time s04e17 once upon a time s05e08 once upon a time s05e09 once upon a time s05e10 onceuponatimes05e10 one day orange is the new black orphan black ouija 2014 out.of.the.furnace outlander outlander s01e11 pacific rim 2013 panic room paper towns paper towns 2015 parasyte parks and recreation parks and recreation s03e13 parks and recreation s06e04 particle fever 2013 passion 2012 pay the ghost paycheck peep show penny dreadful penny dreadful s01e03 phantom halo phantom.2013 pineapple express pirates of the caribbean pitch perfect pixels pixels.2015 playing it cool point break police story poltergeist 2015 porky s porkys powder predestination pretty cure pretty little liars primeval prince avalanche princess mononoke priscilla queen of the desert prison break prison break s01e17 prison break s02e07 prison.break.s01e03 project almanac prometheus prometheus 2012 psycho quantico quantico s01e01 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